Joyeux Anniversaire!

Happy birthday to my dreadlocks.

Year 15

Technically, this will be my 17th year of education; 17 consecutive years.

L’été. It was long, and enjoyed, but I am ready to further my learning in the film industry. I am quite excited; there are no more prerequisites I need so it is just film from her on.

It is a little past my bed time, but I am way too excited. I will miss this feeling once my actual “adult” life has begun.

First day of school, oh back to school, to prove what?


If you’ve never heard a song from Interpol, go listen to one now!

Such a great show, and so stunning, live.

"What if when we died we crawled back into our mother’s womb? And those whose mothers are already dead get to live on forever.
Or we disintegrate into a sperm and an egg."

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You have no idea how high I wasn’t.

La Cécité

You can ask your higher power to open your eyes, but you will still remain blind if you keep a closed mind.


eagle: Earthrise, photographed from Apollo 11, July 1969.

23 Hasselblad photographs taken from lunar orbit, sometime 19th-22nd July.

Image credit: NASA/JSC, c/o LPI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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La Vie

I do not want to exist for an eternity.
I want to enjoy my time here living in this realm,
Because to continue living after expiring,
That idea is a true nightmare.

If I am condemned to an inferno for being a good human being,
Let it be.

But what is good?

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